How we make decisions is the most important decision we make

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In summary, this blog is a call for the future of the second legislative chamber of the UK Parliament (the House of Lords) to be decided by the people (not the House of Commons) through well-reasoned debate and a referendum.

Unlike many other democratic nations, whose political systems were designed and then set in the stone of a constitution, ours has largely evolved and can be changed. This puts us is the almost unique position of being able to reform what we have; to choose the future path for our decision-making processes. We must not get this opportunity wrong.

Electoral Reform — including House of Lords Reform — is a hot topic in the UK, especially given our government’s statement of intent*. If we make the right choice there will be great benefits; if we get it wrong we will lock ourselves in to poor government for many generations. Unfortunately this topic is dominated by rhetoric and prejudice. As with almost every other problem, the best solution will be found through nothing less than good reasoning.

Pages will appear on this site entitled ‘Reasoning##’, with ## indicating the version number. The next version will be written using comments and arguments submitted to earlier versions.

If you have a blog or other web site on this issue, please leave a comment on this site with a link to yours.

Richard Quinn
* We will establish a committee to bring forward proposals for a wholly or mainly elected upper chamber on the basis of proportional representation.http://programmeforgovernment.hmg.gov.uk/political-reform/

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